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Chase Taylor, Owner, with wife Jen, children Joey and Stevie

Tonka Junk was founded in a garage in Irvine, CA during one of the most chaotic years the world has ever seen – 2020. Veteran owned and operated, my mission is clear, to offer the best customer service and to be the most eco-friendly junk removal company in my market.

I have a client named Shawna that had been divorced for about six months. She had been very depressed about her divorce. She decided she would make a change and that change was going to start by decluttering her Den. When I arrived, her “decluttering” project was floor to ceiling, wall to wall of 15 years of accumulation. She had a full-size Hot tub on its side against the wall! I asked, “mamma, how did you get the hot tube in this room”?! Her ex-husband wanted to convert the Den to a hot tub room the first year of their marriage. Her husband and his buddy cut out their sliding glass door to get the hot tub inside the Den, and so it sat by the wall for 15 years!! Spa-removal was the first thing on her list. Needless to say, after spending the day there, she confiscated all of her teenage boy’s hidden adult magazines, found a letter from her late father and a quilt that her grandmother had made for her.

This Den would have been the ultimate man cave. I removed BBQ, pool table, a bar, a stand-up piano, ping pong table, misc: furniture, and the crowning jewel to top it all off the elusive Jackalope wall-mounted trophy.

I removed every unwanted item she had in that room, swept the floor, and I wish you could have seen her face. It was a look of peace and serenity. Shawna could finally exhale.

A couple of months later, she graciously invited me to her “Den Warming” party. It’s amazing what new flooring, paint, and new window coverings do to a room.

Do you have a space like Shawna’s you need to get back in order? If so, please do not hesitate to call me for your FREE estimate today!